“You know when George Plimpton died, someone told me, ‘He was so eccentric. He used to ride his bike in a suit and tie!’ and it drove me crazy. I said, ‘What’s eccentric is the bicycle. Everyone here used to wear suits and it was lovely! But only children rode bicycles.’ The trademark of New York City fashion used to be that we dressed more seriously here. More formally. Now people need special costumes to ride bicycles. I mean, a helmet, what, are you an astronaut??”

- 'Yoga Pants are Ruining Women' and Other Style Advice From Fran Lebowitz
“Normcore food will be the second prong in the anti-hipster food backlash. Normcore and snackwave, though opposites, are both cultural formations that will teach us how to finally stop eating kale. There have been a couple anemic attempts to define normcore food, and they are usually wrong.”

- Toward a Theory of Normcore Food - The Awl

Star Wars as 80s anime.



Our photographer: Can you smile for the camera, Gillian?

GA: I don’t smile.

Our photographer: Can you look impish?

GA: I can do impish.

CW: You do impish but you don’t smile?

GA: [Laughing] Yes. Do you know what’s funny? Sometimes I’ll see photographs of myself in the early days of The X-Files, and I think that my attitude towards the whole thing was very similar to Kristen Stewart’s. There’s a very similar look in my eye: slightly defiant, slightly bored. All I ever got was: “Smile! Smile!” when I didn’t want to smile. And I really wish that somebody at that time had told me: “You know that it’s OK to be who you really are.”

Gillian Anderson on Feminism, Being Asked to Smile, & Not Feeling Sorry For Men, TheMarySue.com